Senin, 16 September 2013

Complete learning ( mastery learning )

obat diabetes yg aman Complete learning ( mastery learning ) is a learning philosophy that is based on the assumption that all students can learn if given sufficient time and adequate learning opportunities . In addition , it is believed that students will be able to achieve mastery of a standard curriculum material when formulated and clearly stated , with appropriate assessment measures student progress within a material , and learning takes place in accordance with the curriculum . In a thorough study method , students do not move on to the next learning goal when he has not shown proficiency in the previous material . Thoroughly studied based on several premises , including : All individuals can learn People learn in different ways and speeds In adequate learning conditions , the impact of individual differences almost no Uncorrected error learning become the main source of learning difficulties . Complete learning curriculum typically consists of several different topics are beginning to be studied by the students simultaneously. Students who do not satisfactorily complete a given topic with additional learning until they succeed obat diabetes yg ampuh. Students who master these topics early will be involved in enrichment activities to all students in the class can move on to other topics together . In a complete learning environment , teachers are doing a variety of learning techniques , by providing a lot of feedback and the specific use of diagnostic tests , formative tests , and correction of errors during learning . Tests used in this method is based on a reference test criteria and not on the reference norm . Thoroughly studied topics unrelated to the content , but only with its control processes . This method is based on a model created by obat diabetes yg manjur Benjamin S. Bloom , with completion by James H. Block . Learning can be done through a thorough study by the classroom teacher , tutorials one by one , or self-study using programmed material . Can be done directly using teacher learning , cooperation with classmates , or self-study . In it required learning objectives are well defined and organized into small units sequentially . Two issues that often arise in the implementation of the complete study : First , grouping and scheduling could lead to difficulties . Teachers often find it easier to ask the students to learn in a steady pace and complete the task in a given time than when there is a large variation in the activity in a classroom . Second , because of the slow students need more time in the minimum standards , students will be forced to wait for a rapid advance to a higher level . The problems are not insurmountable because it can be arranged giving individual attention , sets a high standard but can be achieved , and provide additional material for students who learn quickly .

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