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10 Tricks to Achieve Success in Small Business

If you look at big companies like Google , Facebook , or Apple , for sure you 'll be amazed when you know that the companies initially Download Game PC dan Android just a small business , and some even began in a small garage .
You too can be like them when actually understand and learn how to start and succeed in small business . Here are some tips and hopefully useful .

1 . Do not risk your ownOpening a new business is generally very risky , better look for a partner who you can trust . Do not invest all your money in there , because if the business does not go as it should be, you do not immediately go bankrupt .
2 . Self bondageBeing a novice entrepreneur you have to be willing to work hard , spend more time , and willing to work overtime . At first you might not get the benefit , even should mengeluarka additional funds for employee salaries .
3 . Select employees carefullyPerform recruitment of employees with care , and do not be hasty . Do not let your employees will actually be an impediment and bully you achieve your business vision .
4 . Know the basic priceCalculate how much money you need to live your new venture , starting from the rental shop , electricity , employee salaries , taxes , until the price of paper and printer ink . And for all of that with how many days a year you will work , that's the minimum amount of income that you need every day .
5 . Sell ​​excess , not priceDo not get stuck with the price war that actually forces you to sell below the price of capital and forget about quality . Communicate with the customer that your product has more value than others .
6 . Appreciate the timeAs a new entrepreneur , you have to use your best time to search for a new customer opportunities and how to introduce your product to the customer . Concentrate your time and your mind more to raise your business .
7 . Take advantage of technologyTake advantage of the latest technology , like the internet to introduce your business and marketing products. Use the facilities free ads on several websites selling online so that more people get to know your product .
8 . Treat your suppliers wellTreat your vendors and suppliers as possible , just as you treat customers . With a well established relationship , they may give you a discount based on the volume of your booking , understand late payments , even provide free shipping .
9 . Strive to be the bestGive the best for your customers , then you will be amazed with the marketing power of " word of mouth " .
10 . Do not despairFor new entrepreneurs , the state may not be so desirable to make the spirit of trying to be loosened . But do not despair in the middle of the road , try harder and diligently , then you will feel the results

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