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Salary Details of Member of Parliament

info lebih lengkap Lately, many members of the House of Representatives regarding the performance and highlighted their involvement in several cases of corruption in this country . Maybe a moment in your mind whether their salaries and allowances have not been sufficient to have engaged in corruption ?As the following comparison of salaries and allowances of data members of Parliament 2004-2009 .Routine monthly include :Basic salary : USD 15.51 millionElectricity allowance : Rp 5.496 millionAllowance aspiration : Rp 7,200,000Benefit Honors: Rp 3,150,000Benefits Communication : Rp 12,000,000Supervision Allowance : Rp 2,100,000Total : Rp 46.100.000/bulanTotal per year : USD 554 millionWhile acceptance nonbulanan or nonroutine , are as follows :13th salary : USD 16.4 millionFunds absorption ( recess ) : Rp 31,500,000Within one year of the trial there were four times during the recess if totaled approximately USD 118 million per year in total a year .While income is from time to time , namely :Dana intensive discussion of the draft law and honor through the fit and proper test of Rp 5.000.000/kegiatan .Intensive legislative policy funds of Rp 1.000.000/RUUThe total number of members of the House of Representatives received in a year to reach nearly USD 1 billion .A. Basic salary and allowances1 . rp 4.200.000/bulan2 . allowancea. Title Rp 9.7 million / monthb . Money package Rp 2.000.000/bulanc . Rice Rp 30.090/jiwa / monthd . Family : Husband / wife ( 10 % X base salary of Rp 420.000/bln ) Children ( 25 X 84.000/jiwa Basic salary USD / month )e . Special pph , chapter 21 Rp 2,699,813B. Other receipts1 . Allowance honor Rp 3.720.000/bulan2 . Intensive communication Rp 4.140.000/bulan3 . Electricity and telephone customer support Rp 4,000,0004 . Special Committee Act 2.000.000/undang- Rp per package5 . Assistant member ( 1 USD 2.250.000/bulan )6 . Car loan facility of Rp 70.000.000/orang / per periodC. fare1 . Appropriate package commute each goal area2 . Money Daily :a. Level region Rp 500.000/harib . Derah level II Rp 400.000/hari3 . Money representation :a. Provinces Rp 400.000b . Regional Level II Rp 300,000 ( caption : length of the trip based on the program of work , and no more than 7 days for a working visit per scarecrow , and 5 days to visit the commission teamwork / joint commission )D. home office1 . maintenance budgeta. RJA Kalibata , South Jakarta Rp 3.000.000/rumah / yearb . RJA Ulujami , West Jakarta Rp 5.000.000/rumah / year2 .. Complete home fixturesE. Health care and funeral expenses reimbursements1 . Cost of treatment ( by PT Askes )a. Members of the House of Representatives , the husband / child birth / wife and or adopted child of the member concerned .b . National outreach : Diprovider designated throughout Indonesia , including the exclusive provider for outpatient and inpatient care .2 . Mourning :

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