Selasa, 08 Oktober 2013

Schoolgirl Forced Oral For Diploma

Education in this country again tarnished . Was conducted by an individual teacher initials " T " which also served as the Vice Game PC dan Android Gratis Terbaru Principal of Student Affairs at the number one high school in Matraman , East Jakarta .
Victims who had the initials " MA " were forced to perform oral sex by the T as much as four times during the period June to July 2012 .
MA ( 17 years old ) who is now sitting in class XII said, the first time the event occurred on June 26, 2012 . At that time he was off school , suddenly got a call around 15:00 pm perpetrators . With the affairs of the school grounds , the perpetrator asked MA to meet at a location that is far from the school .
Eventually they met in front of the BCA Utan Kayu . On the grounds that there was something she wanted to tell , T invites MA swirling advance and stop at Ancol beach to eat .
After eating T again invite MA circling and eventually stopped back in Ancol . His car was parked in a dark place , and T suddenly forced MA to mengoral genitals with threats and would not give her certificate when T refused his wish .
After venting his lust satisfied , T MA home and drove back down in Cempaka Putih area and give money of 50 thousand to the cost of a taxi to his house .
This event occurred in the following month three times . Finally, the perpetrator took the victim to his house in Bekasi , which was empty because his wife and two children were out . At that location , the perpetrator was already preparing everything . In fact , the victim was asked to take her clothes off .
According to the Chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection , Arist Merdeka Sirait , T can be prosecuted violating the Child Protection Act Article 82 No. 23 of 2002 , with a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison .
While Jakarta Governor Jokowi himself into a rage when he heard the news . "I have ordered off the post of deputy head of the school , the teacher , because it's a bad example and lastly if so , should we fall off , we immediately fall off , " said Jokowi sternly in Cikini , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 1 / 3/2013 ) .

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