Selasa, 08 Oktober 2013

Goodbye Gangnam Style , Welcome to Harlem Shake

kunjungi situsnya If you have friends who like or even want to upload Gangnam Style style dance on YouTube , it's better to say , " Outdated lu " , because now the world is in a new dance fever again , the " Harlem Shake " .
After the outbreak of equine Gangnam Style dance worldwide with the number of viewers on YouTube who broke the record , more than 1 billion visitors , now comes a new outbreak , dance without grip , Harlem Shake .
When you enter the word " Harlem Shake " on YouTube you will find thousands of videos Harlem Shake dance styles from around the world .
Harlem Shake is actually a song title from Baauer musicians . The song was later used as the background of the " crazy dance " which was then popular with that name . It is said that this dance was first popularized by the video titled " Do The Harlem Shake " that contained four men dancing with strange costumes . But the Harlem Shake grip action followed another video created by five young TheSunnyCoastSkate the video " The Harlem Shake " .
In just a few days tens of thousands of videos with a similar theme uploaded to YouTube . His song Harlem Shake Baauer themselves inundated download and occupy the top step at the iTunes United States and other countries .
This dance is quite simple and only takes about 30 seconds. Basically , this dance consists of two parts . The first part of the person , usually using a mask , will be dancing to the rhythm of the song Harlem Shake Baauer . While the people around him to keep working on each other's work , as if not affected . Then when entering the bass part of the music , about 15 seconds later , suddenly everyone around him to dance with style irregular because everyone dancing with their own style .
Possible to break the record held by YouTube visitors Gangnam Style Psy her somewhat difficult because the Harlem Shake does not have a " video master " like Gangnam Style . Even the first video of the Harlem Shake are many who do not know . However Harlem Shake crazy dance phenomenon has begun worldwide .
Here are some examples of Harlem Shake dance video taken from YouTube :

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