Selasa, 08 Oktober 2013

This girl More Genius From Bill Gates Download Game PC dan Android Gratis When you assess the Bill Gates or Stephen Hawking as the greatest genius of the century, maybe you should think again, because a beautiful girl from Essex recently scored 161 on an IQ test that he had officially passed.

Lauren marbe, that's the name of the blonde girl glance you might not expect that a 16-year-old girl has a brain equivalent of Albert Einstein.

From the looks definitely a lot of people thought he was just an ordinary teenage girl who still loves to dress up and get together with their peers.

Lauren marbe always got an A or A + in the test in high school where he studied, Roding Valley High School. Marbe aspire to get into Cambridge University and majored in Architecture.

Even so, the son of a taxi driver has a pent ideals, which is to become a famous theater performer.

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