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Actually not odd if a doctor could be a celebrity

Actually not odd if a doctor could be a celebrity . But see Dr. gait . Mehmet Oz will be different . He is not a doctor who nyambi TV star so that boosted his popularity , he actually appeared as a brilliant physician guides the talk show .
In each show , a doctor of Turkish descent is almost always presents the treatment or prevention of intriguing and often surprising since so simpelnya or not most people realize . The explanation is also easy to understand and provide motivation for sepatu anak perempuan murah listeners to follow his admonitions . " Dr . Oz to drive how I see my own health . He brought me closer to a healthy heart , apply more wise , and healthy lifestyle , " said Oprah Winfrey , the famous talk show host Dr. Oz came to more than five years in the television program .
So many people were affected by his counsel , to the extent that Time magazine put it in the 100 most influential people in the world in 2008. That's not the only award he ever got. Among the other award she won was Best Doctors of the Year from the New York Magazine , The Best and Brightest of Esquire Magazine , and others. All that describe who the real Dr . Oz .
Oz was born in Cleveland , Ohio , USA , June 11, 1960 . Both parents native Turkey who moved to the U.S. in the 1950s . His father and mother cardiac surgeon entrepreneurs pharmacies . At the age of 9 Oz read health magazines containing the first 12 people who underwent heart transplant surgery in the world that backfired and died . Since reading the article Oz aspires to be a heart surgeon .
In 1982 he graduated from Harvard University and continue his studies to the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Wharton Business School at the same time in 1982 . In 1986, he won two titles , namely MD ( medicinae Doctor , Doctor of Medicine ) and MBA ( Master of Business Administration ) .
Oz in 1985 married the daughter of a cardiologist , Lisa Lemole , so it is completely surrounded the cardiologist . Oz apparently did not want to be a regular cardiologist . To add to his knowledge he did not hesitate to learn from tradition traditional health as China, India , and even learn the science of food , fitness , and so on . Therefore, if he is describing a disease , he can give advice alternative treatments that range from the traditional way , therapeutic fitness / sports , modern medicine , and even psychology .
Plunge into the world of entertainment with a health talk show in television guides come accidentally . Driving is because he is often disappointed in heart surgery patients who cause their lifestyle is not healthy . According to Oz , if they come in one - two years earlier might not have to undergo surgery . Which made ​​her dizzy , patients who are late is not one or two , but hundreds and maybe even thousands of people in the world . " You have to use the media if you want to hear everyone's advice," said his wife , Lisa , who is also the producer of the television program .
Opportunity came . Starting in 2003 he guided a talk show titled Second Opinion with Dr. . Oz is played on the Discovery Channel . Since then he became a celebrity doctor . " There is no new concept that I mentioned , I just make it easily accessible , " he said . That's the positive lifestyle that executable .

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