Selasa, 12 November 2013

Until the age exceeds 40 years

Until the age exceeds 40 years , Martha Tilaar not been blessed with children . Various attempts have been made , but there is also fruitless . In fact , his suffering be - so when the doctor gives ultimatum painful . " At the age of marriage to 16 , ie at the age of 42 , sepatu anak perempuan terbaru I was convicted that I likely will not get the child for life . My heart is sad and devastated . Where women are willing to accept the verdict , " he said . The verdict was not arbitrary as stated by four professors who hold a gynecologist .

Returning home with deep sadness , he advances guts uneknya beloved husband , Prof. . Dr. . Alexis Henry Rudolf Tilaar . " Prof ( at that time her husband was a professor ) , please prof looking for another wife , " he said . Perhaps because he was sorry for the husband who must have the desire to have children , while it can not be obtained from the womb .
No warning , Prof. Henry Tilaar , admitted that he had a new wife . Even then asked her acquaintance . Henry casually invites Martha to a personal library at home . " This is my new wife , the books , " said Martha Tilaar quoting her husband in a speech to the inaugural title of Honorary President Engineer ( PUK ) of the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology ( BPPT ) on 13 September 2012 . The books that were actually inspired him later . Martha then forget the painful verdict . He then struggled with beauty books . He went to the museum to look for ancient books that describe the efficacy of the herb - efficacy heritage . In addition , he also received direct guidance from her grandmother who is an expert in traditional medicine .
" My daughter Grandmother renowned expert in herbal medicine , which he then took care of me in order to get offspring , " he said . His grandmother Martha intensive care . In addition to herbal remedies as well mengurutnya . " He sort , giving parem , and gathering herbs fertilizer for my drinking , " he said .
Finally , the grandmother effort and confidence continue to grow in the hearts of Martha Tilaar , to fruition . At age 42, he declared pregnant . But as he began to conceive at a fairly old age for a first pregnancy , there are an alarming number of obstetricians later baby will be born with a number of shortcomings . " In fact , when my son was born at my age 43, my son was born so beautiful , " he said . It was the happiest moment in his life .
" This experience further spurred my resolve to use Indonesian natural materials as raw materials in the natural health products and cosmetics , " he said . He then produce fertilizer herb heritage grandmother who later was named Wulandari , suitably named her first child . Many people feel helped by this herb . Not only Indonesian women , but also many foreign women . They become fertile and have children after drinking herbal Wulandari . This is where the business of herbs Martha Tilaar started . " I started this business with something ( capital ) is large , that is determination . My determination is to lift Indonesia's indigenous peoples worldwide , particularly in the areas of health and natural cosmetics . Local Wisdom Go Global ! " He said .

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