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This week, the latest film by Peter Jackson launched

This week, the latest film by Peter Jackson launched : The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey . Although it does not break the record , the film sepatu anak perempuan online became a top box office in the United States with revenues of U.S. $ 84 million in its first week . The success shows that Jackson's films almost always successful .

Jackson was born in Pukerua Bay , New Zealand , on October 31, 1961 . His parents were English immigrants who are not rich people . His father , William Jackson just an administrative staff who are also veterans of World War II , while her mother , Joan , a factory worker .
Since childhood, Jackson is crazy about movies . He is most like the television series Thunderbirds movie , Monty Python 's Flying Circus , and King Kong . At the age of nine, he watched the movie King Kong on television are still black and white ( 1933 production ) . He still remembers the day . " It was a Friday night . Since seeing the movie King Kong that I 've determined when you grow up want to be a filmmaker, " he said .
Higher interest in the film when a friend of his father gave him a Super 8 movie camera . With a camera that he made ​​the film King Kong clone in various ways ( using toys ) . He also aspires to make movies with sophisticated techniques .
Impression on the film King Kong so attached that when he was a great director , he made the movie King Kong also successfully realized in 2005 . The film was a success both commercially and awards . In the event the Oscar- nominated King Kong won four Oscars . But he only won 3 .
In addition to King Kong he also crazy about JRR Tolkien 's classic novel , The Lord of the Ring . Novel that he embodied in the movie trilogy The Lord of the Ring which was also successful . The Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the Ring , which was launched in 2001 was nominated for 13 Oscars , but Jackson only won four . The Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers , which was launched in 2002 meraik six Oscar nominations but she only won two . And third series , The Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King , was nominated for 11 Oscars and won all of his turns , 11 Oscar . Mean of the three The Lord of the Rings Jackson won 17 Oscars .
Oscar chances rise again in a new film launched this week , The Hobbit . For fans of The Lord of the Ring , shall watch this movie because it contains background why The Lord of the Ring appears .

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