Selasa, 12 November 2013

Some time ago in a TV show on Fox called Buried Treasure

Some time ago in a TV show on Fox called Buried Treasure , a mother was surprised when the show's host , Ronald Leigh Keno and Leslie Bernard Keno , says that his safe turned out to be a treasure trove . The bureau desk -sized box has a value of about Rp 4 , 4 billion . The high price because the box was in fact an ancient product made ​​in 1685 . The world is only made ​​five . The owner did not realize because it is a legacy carved box hereditary seem unremarkable .
Many valuable furniture owned by the people . Many are not aware of the price , not a few who do not understand . Because the furniture is not sepatu anak perempuan branded murah stored in the museum , can be a time etched edges, and then chipped . What if the antique furniture was chipped ? Could it be improved ?
Joseph Lunsford had the misfortune of it . One time he moved house . No warning , her favorite furniture chipped while in transport from the old house to the new house . Although upset by the incident that he was trying to overcome . The trick , he patched the damaged side by a sort of putty until defective part was not visible at all .
Successfully overcome the damage , the idea arose to make efforts in the field of furniture repair damaged because he believes many people who suffered the same fate as she did . Business areas that he called Furniture Medic that he founded in 1992. Sure enough , its behavior . And to meet the demand in the various places he developed his business with a franchise system .
Even though this effort has now acquired another company , which makes idenyalah Furniture Medic has grown to 600s branches only in the United States alone . The business now has branches in Canada , Europe , and other countries . As that is when Lunsford was procrastinating their business ideas offer such services physicians furniture , so he has now managed to become a successful entrepreneur .

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