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ice cream is categorized as foods that have high fat content

ice cream is categorized as foods that have high fat content . Made from a mixture of dairy products ( milk , cream , milk fat ) , eggs , sugar , and other mixed materials . In a literature mentioned that the ice cream contains 10-16 % milk fat , milk solids ( protein , carbohydrates ) 9-12 % , 12-16 % sweetener , stabilizer ( emulsifier ) 0.2-0.5 % , and the rest water .

With such compositions deserve if they are having health sensitive to fats and sugars such as obesity , diabetes , high cholesterol , heart disease , avoid eating ice cream . But sepatu anak perempuan lucu could it be they who have it can take sensitive health ice cream sepatu anak perempuan lucu without fear of risk to health ? Opportunity captured this requirement Mina Lie , originator of healthy ice cream , and ice cream cafe outlets founder Gelamisto .
" Our ice cream is just as good and not fattening . Our motto is ' Gelato = healthy + safety ' . Although eating lots of ice cream also keep you healthy , " said Mina Lie . Gelato is kind of typical Italian ice cream . Kind of ice cream is that it developed since 10 years ago .
According to Mina , the famous ice cream in Italy there are two types of gelato and sorbet . Gelato is ice cream made from milk fat mixture , eggs , and sugar . But in stores , gelato is made with a mix of more friendly to health . " Our eggs are replaced with seaweed so gelato is the usual high fat foods , in we only had 4 % fat content , " he said . Besides Gelamisto also sells gelato sorbet . Sorbet ice cream is made ​​only from fruits and ice ( water ) . Because of the fat content sorbet is almost 0 % .
Interestingly, all the ice cream in a dish Gelamisto Mina is the result of his own concoction made ​​with a long experiment . Since starting this business 10 years ago , Mina Lie has made more than a hundred kinds of ice cream made from berbabagai fruits and other natural ingredients . Not all product raw materials can be obtained from Indonesia . Mostly imported from Italy , China , and so the properties of each unique .
Many types of ice cream that corresponds to the name which stores Gelamisto . Gelamisto , said Mina Lie , consisting of the word " Gela " which means gelato ( ice cream ) , and " Misto " , which means a lot of options . Thus merging the two Italian words that indicate a healthy ice cream stores that have a lot of options . The word "healthy " and " lots of options " is so trusty . Regarding choice , Mina Lie even dare to order ice cream blended with ingredients that buyers wanted.
With a business model like this I wonder if the ice cream business is known among the middle and upper classes . Now the more complete <div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">

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 because the ice cream is not only healthy but also that he or she provide healthy drinks and cake ( birthday cake are like healthy tofu ) are available .
Plunge into this business for real Lie Mina unexpected . First time college in the United States , while college he worked at the ice cream store . Not as an ice cream maker but at the cashier . But as he likes to break into the kitchen and see the chef making ice cream . From there he learned to make ice cream .
Return to Indonesia, he did not direct the ice cream business . With a background finance his education he worked in a bank . But every Saturday and Sunday she used to make ice cream as a hobby . Ice cream that he distributed to his friends . Because a lot of good friends who order routine . Over time more and more orders . Finally , the hobby is " inaugurated " by establishing Gelamisto located at Mal Taman Anggrek , Jakarta .

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