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7 mistakes how to attract women who often do men

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7 FATAL errors are often dilakuakan men when women flirt to get love, or more often lure women say their ideal 1. Minsednya (belief in a thought) WRONG - To be loved should be handsome, rich or car / bike cool - Chase and adorable woman mengagung - Has hopes to be loved - There is only one woman of your dreams and appropriate only for certain people Minsed problem has been much reviewed in Chapter 2 ebooks free ebook "How to Attract Your Ideal Woman" and Article 56 Compile get Women Craving, which you can download at Free how to attract women 2. Percayadiri feel and not dare to act Confidence I mean Confidence is a belief or confidence in which a person's total fully trust, firm, confident and not wobbly that crazy woman addicted to her dideketinya Confidence that the problems often faced almost all men, ngrasa unworthy, fear of rejection, and so forth. I think confidence is more to the habit, if we've always done something we would do something that confident. The solution is try to learn and multiply chatting with cossumer service / is like. Is not cossumer service pretty girl pretty and cool cool, they will be friendly, kind and we appreciate whatever our circumstances because their job so well nglayanin. klo we are used to communicating with women women high quality, then it will be easier and confident approaching your dream woman 3. Too good and easy to GIVE to the woman again estimated Being a good guy is good for philanderer but if too well even make an obligation we must meet. Had not met then she would sulk and go, we will pursue boro boro chased by women. For the first time she got something from him will be impressed and happy BUT if the canal continues to give and give him it will be considered a bribe for love, this will make her sulky. because humans are basically forced HATE. 4. Being a man needly / Desperate Men! By becoming man needly then we really become less valuable man. All people, not just women who like something of value. If you ADVISED a thousand or a billion choose? same same but money is not it? SAME people that his personality just needly (ma really need a woman who is his love, if she does not respond then be klabakan posif, like people who ditengelamkan into water, oxygen and trying really need somehow to breathe air) and low value will CONSIDERED ANNOYING by women. 5. Not able to control feelings This is what makes us embarrassed in front of her, and she will feel ILL FEEL klo see a rich man klejetan uler Keket, because women prefer to see the figure of a charismatic man, who felt she would be able to lead his feelings are always volatile, highly skilled women remember feeling that is felt by the people diseklilingnya. Remain calm and ORDINARY like being with your best friend. This will make it convenient for women who are dideketin. 6. To believe that only one woman who can give you happiness most men hang kebahagiaanya only focus on one woman, so the woman went klo then his life was ended too. But the fact is after the break and find a female idol ONE DAY again, is not a woman who used to be the source of happiness is not taste anything else??? But kenyakinanya tetep still the same, the source of his happiness at the girls who were at the time he puja. may be wise hang our happiness and our love on OURSELVES, our hobbies, our jobs, While the woman is positioned number two but still CAUTION. With this we are going to be men ga needly and more interesting / curious women to get us 7. A hurry to express love When she is not ready to receive your love and your mengutarakanya a hurry to get his love then the consequences will be fatal, chances are you will ditingalkan, ignored, and truly thought something was bothering him, so there goes our golden opportunity. alluring woman of my tip. WHEN approaching women just let flow what it is, but kitanya more attention to her and treat her like a girlfriend and me, if he's negative response to our live act normal so he's comfortable. klo already comfortable WE TRY AGAIN. Let the woman asked clear relationship status if he had ngrasa have our love and pengin

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