Jumat, 20 Desember 2013

Is a saying that if you like your profession

sepatu kulit wanita terbaru Is a saying that if you like your profession , then you do not need to work for a single day in your life . It means you will not weighed the same so you know what you do . How does time just like that do not get it . Elah . Well this article that is intended for schools , so that the spirit of learning to get their dream jobs as below . Those who already work , please ngiri with professions is super broke . Uh huh you know it was meant hell broke ? Well , clever . This Okeh professions he really broke ! 1 . Hotel Tester Mantep It really does . If you are a hotel tester , you will be sent to ' nyicipin ' hotels . Hotel where ? Depending on your boss . Star what ? Depending on your boss as well . Usually does just fine hotels yes the same didatengin Hotel Tester . If the budget hotels are somewhat dim - dim lights so why not rich rather pointless tested . This hotel certainly wrote tester will use all existing facilities in a hotel room that he visited such , restaurant , swimming pool , room service , spa if there is , if there is a gym , all deh . Road costs and expenses already incurred at sepatu kerja wanita high heels the company nginep you , rich taste working vacation , paid anyway . 2 . footballer Yes weve still to be first-class soccer player takes a lot of sacrifice , hard latiannya , and so on . But his salary was pretty, neng , bro ... It's been like that his work playing football . His work to play . PLAY ! So far it does MBDC never know there is a football player who does not like to play ball . So based on the above maxim was , all football players do not have to work a single day in their lives . Each weekend playing ball at your friend for 90 minutes over a little more , abis finished playing football tapped tanganin fans , continue to return deh drive a Bugatti . 3 . Builders Pijet Which It Watch a aja dah . Complain also the father . Elah . 4 . So contributor at MBDC Duh , this is the most broken anyway , especially if you emang like writing . You can be your hobby , writing for one of the hottest websites in the country today ( yes, is not it ? ) , Appreciated the writing , salaried , you friendly - friendly colleagues , your boss well , mantep deh anyway .

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