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14 of the most devastating types of lightning in the universe

sepatu kulit wanita branded 14 of the most devastating types of lightning in the universe By Covert Editor December 18 , 2013 general Lightning is a natural phenomenon sepatu kerja wanita tanpa hak that can we analogy with a giant capacitor , wherein the first plate is the cloud ( can be negative or positive plate plates ) and the second plate is of the earth ( considered neutral ) . As already known capacitor is a passive component in an electrical circuit that could store the instantaneous energy ( energy storage) . Lightning can occur from cloud to cloud ( intercloud ) , where one cloud of negatively charged and the other positively charged cloud . Apparently there is some type of lightning occurs and also according to the type of place he looks . The following is excerpted from ferdirizkygunawan.blogspot.com 14 most powerful type of lightning in the universe . 1.St. Elmo 's Fire Have been around for centuries , beginning with ancient Greece , julius caesar , columbus and Magellan . After a lightning rod benjamin franklin , this phenomenon is more visible on the ground , causing fear as inspired blue flame spirits and ghost stories . 2 . Boom Ball thunder is a strange phenomenon , the review report back to ancient Greece . The most common type is the flash of lightning streak , but this lightning caused the greatest threat to life and property . Lightning can be triggered by a variety of events ranging from thermonuclear explosions to launch the rocket as the challenger or the apollo 12 . 3 . Deadly In the United States , on average 58 people are killed each year by lightning . Approximately 250 people every year survive after being struck by lightning , but most live with a permanent scar . 4 . Cloud Flashes When lightning lit up in the clouds , sometimes you can see a line in the air around the storm . It was called the lightning cloud - to - air , or referred to as the " anvil crawlers " can also perjalanandari lightning cloud to cloud . When lightning seems embedded in the cloud and it looks like the luminosity during the flash part , called the lighting sheet or intra - cloud lightning . Many people have seen kilatyang heat , but said they did not hear the thunder . However , thunder in the distance was too far away to be heard . Every time there is lightning , there was also thunder . 5 . Cloud - to- sea lightning Water is an excellent conductor , so it 's smart to stay away from the ocean , lakes and ponds during thunderstorms . In a storm , the sailors at risk of lightning - cloud into the sea . In addition to strong winds , high , choppy waves , and heavy rain . Sailors are encouraged to seek pelabuhanyang safe until the storm passes and make sure the crew wearing a jacket . 6 . Re -strike Lightning stroke is comprised of 3-4 individuals , but may have more . Separated by 40-50 milliseconds , causing the effect " strobe light " . The first one is the strongest . Each successive stroke usually re- uses the discharge channel taken by the previous stroke . Prolonged by rumbling gunturyang strike back . 7 . Mind-blowing beauty Lightning over the air emit white light , but can appear as different colors depending on the weather conditions . Because of humidity , fog , dust and the like , lightning can appear much red or orange in carayang not the same at sunset . 8 . Upper atmospheric lightning Although rarely visible to the naked eye , the lightning is very special , rarely seen as a flash of red sprites , blue jets and elves . Sprite width , weak flashes in the storm . Sprite lightning appears as a giant jellyfish with a blood - red light blue depending on the length of the tentacles . Jet blue narrow and ditembakdari above the storm . JJet blue brighter than sprites and was first recorded from the plane . 9 . Scary powerful strikes to towers , building buildings Usually during a storm , lightning seen in 80 % and 20 % cloud on the ground . Buildings , towers , and other high points are often struck by lightning , because the electrical path and find the lowest resistance . Lightning turundari sky down , but the part that you see coming from the bottom up . Can strike the same place more than once . 10 . Double lightning Lightning is an impressive force of nature . Beautiful , and dangerous . The flash brilliant blue - white lightning caused by the extreme heat . Lightning is hotter than the surface of the sun . Lightning had a double double threat anyway . 11 . Multiple strikes and long exposure This is the basic type of cloud lightning that appears to dissolve into a short string , lamp , which lasted longer than usual . Lightning looks somewhat like a ribbon . This happens in a wind storm with high traffic and past stroke . The wind was blowing back in a line to each stroke , as well as to one of the rear side of the previous stroke , showed efekdaripita . Staccato lightning stroke has a short duration , appears as a single very bright flash and often has considerable impact . 12 . Rocket lightning Rocket lightning generally horizontal and at cloud base . Luminous channel appearing through the air at high speed visual , often disjointed . This movement resembles the movement of a rocket . This is one of the rarest tipeyang . 13 . Volcanic lightning triggered Volcanic lightning is triggered is not something we often see . At least before hell exploded in iceland . There are three types of volcanic lighting . Lightning can be triggered by berapiyang very large eruptions , which eject gases and material into the atmosphere . Intermediate type of volcanic vent , sometimes has a length of 1.8 km . Then there is the spark of lightning types are much shorter and only lasts a few milliseconds . 14 . Sensational volcanic - lightning Lightning , fire , ice , and here united ash , volcanic lightning sparked sounded something like a rifle shot , while the produced electricity generating long rumble .

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