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5 Gadgets Advanced Operating in Water

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5 Gadgets Advanced Operating in Water By Covert Editor December 18 , 2013 general Water is one of the components that make up the earth so as to create a life . By humans , water is used for drinking , bathing , washing and generate electricity . With the rapid development of today's technology , many researchers mengembagkan gadgets and vehicles that can operate in water . Generally they make equipment for mere entertainment . The following is quoted from unikgaul.com 5 Gadgets Advanced Operating in Water . 1 . Seabreacher X Seabreacher X is a submarine designed to resemble the shape of a shark . This seam cukp reliable ship , which can reach speeds of 50mph on water and 25 mph while in the water . When the first test at the beach , many beachgoers are screaming in horror saw the shark submarine because they think it's a real shark . 2 . Machine Gun APS Underwater Arrives hand weapons can operate in the water ? why not . Machine Gun APS Underwater is a newfangled weapon Ak - 47 which has a variation of pe ; uru depending on the type of the target . These weapons are typically used to shoot divers spied even small boats are on the water surface . 3 . Rinspeed sQuba Rinspeed sQuba is a car designed to be able to operate and run under the sea . With waterproof protection system on the engine makes this car can dive as long as possible depending on the fuel . But unfortunately this car has not memunyai oxygen system itself so that riders must carry their own oxygen equipment . 4 . . Electrofisher This one tenetu equipment is familiar to us , in Indonesia itself has frequently encountered the fishing equipment in the electrical aliri . With a power of 200 V can make the fish were stung and immediately surrounding the death . Usually this is used eralatan villagers to fish in the river its relatively small currents . 5 . JetLev - Flyer JetLev - Flyer is a type of jet pack that uses water media thus saving energy . This jet is a working system with a high pressure water pump so the water is mixed with air to flow so swift to get people to fly . However, these gadgets are only able to fly as high as 6 meters because the hose that limit .

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