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5 Strange Rituals For Marriage Brings Luck

5 Strange Rituals For Marriage Brings Luck By Covert Editor December 18 , 2013 unique Marriage is a sacred moment sepatu kerja wanita kulit asli that is done to each pair . With this marriage both parties promise to undergo ark menikat household together - together . Period which has passed the single ended at the wedding reception . But you know , in a wedding , there are some rituals that must be done so that marriage brings luck . Ritual - the ritual was worth anah . What kind of rituals - rituals in the pernikahhan ? Consider sepatu wanita bahan kulit the following more dikutop of unikgaul.com 1 . make the fur fly This ritual is found in the country of France . Charivari , one bride who undergo this ritual . This ritual is a ritual that is annoying because the act of some people who want to show their joy vinegar flavor , they also make noise with benyanyi , and make a fuss by using cookware . This is certainly very irritated bride and groom when they give a promise . However, although oddly, this ritual has been performed since centuries - centuries years ago . 2 . Not Allowed Into Bathroom This ritual is found in the country of Malaysia . This ritual is performed on the new bride , they are not allowed to go to the bathroom for 3 days straight - participated . That makes this ritual looks weird because the bridal couple vows not to defecate and urinate for 3 days and 3 nights . It would have been very surprising in , but do not ever you break this ritual . Because if it is violated , the risk of bad will happen to him like a child 's death and divorce . 3 . Married With Animals This sounds weird rituals not , this ritual is married to animals found in the country of India . This ritual is performed by the girls in India . Where in believe that a baby girl will eat a tiger if he have the gum rooted in his gums . For this ritual was performed by means of a picture taken and kiss their pets , to avoid the curse . 4 . Dishes war The ritual of war is not yet clearly known dishes came from where . But war itself plates can bring keberuntungkan when married . Although it may sound noisy , because this should throw up broken dishes . Why this is so , it is believed that this ritual can be the beginning of a couple to fight the trials and obstacles that confront when married . 5 . Making Dirty Both Bride Creating a second dirty memepelai is also one of the strangest rituals there . This ritual is performed by both memepelai fouled with black liquid . This is because both memepelai must give promise to change their clothes daily - today , it is believed that a bride can avoid much of the evil spirits and bad luck .

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