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All around us there are millions of species of animals .

All around us there are millions of species of animals . Some sepatu kulit wanita murah of them are fun animal behavior , especially for pets , so that makes us be more loving animals . The pet owner will be loyal , care , and protect the pet . In fact many pet owners , specifically providing services that their pets remain untreated .
Because sepatu kerja wanita branded that's the love of animals , some of us make the business industry . But all of it based on his love of animals , so a variety of methods are used , so that the animals are treated well too . Some places , or facilities , such as food and others are also now made just for pet animals to be safe and healthy .
As some of the things that makes these unique animals are treated very special feel . But all of that because of concern for the animals . What are the unique things ? . The following is quoted from unikgaul.com , 5 Things Unique Given To Animals :

1 . Special cake Dogs
Because of his love for animals , a housewife in Spalding , Lincolnshire , named Rio SOPP , making special food animals with various types of cake , just as sponge cake , biscuit , cupcake and some other foods . Rio dedicates his expertise so that animals that consume the product seems to remain healthy .
If the standard cake that is intended for humans are made of sugar and chocolate , cakes for dogs made ​​in Rio , made ​​from materials that are safe for animals . Rio replacing sugar with fruits , so that the dog can be consumed safely . He even uses fat-free cheese , so that one hundred percent safe homemade cakes consumed dogs , and other animals . Even Rio also ensures that the cake is actually safe for human consumption .
Before selling it to the free market , the 22-year -old woman has always test the product on a pet dog cake . And he also always bring it to an animal rescue center , which he said as the most honest critics . Idea Rio made ​​special food animals , especially dogs , is when he wants to buy a birthday cake for his horse . However, because not find a store that sells specialty cakes animal , eventually making its own Rio . Then the cake in unggal into facebook account . Apparently a lot of colleagues who are interested and ordered to be made a cake for their pets .

2 . Pet airways , Special Flight Pets
The next thing that is unique , airlines are bringing a pet , pet named airways . The idea of ​​the birth of the animal 's particular airline is the number of flight service users find it difficult to bring their pets when they have to go to a distant place , which can only be reached by plane . Though he was eager to bring their pets , but rejected the airlines .
That's why pet airways headquartered in Delray Beach , Florida to attend. The company became the first pet airline in the world . Pet Airways, began operations on 14 July 2009 . Every animal who use the services of pet airways , will receive treatment khsusu , of trained personnel during the flight . The officer will monitor the condition of the animals every 15 minutes or so . Even pet owners can track their pets traveling through the company's website .
For the price of each animal they call pawsenger , tailored to the size and distance of the flight. Average prices for the cost to reach 4 million 500 thousand dollars . Or for a particular flight can reach 12 million dollars .

3 . Unique Gadgets Special Animals
This one of the specialized high -tech to help pets feel more comfortable , which is a special gadget dicptakannya some animals . Like the doggie fountain , which was created to help the dog when thirsty . The instrument is connected with the water faucet is activated when the dog stepped on it , and the height of the water that comes out in accordance with the pressure of the dog . So the dog will not thirst , just because the owner forgot to fill the water bowl pet dog .
Special gadget that is somewhat further advanced GPS pet tracking . With this tool , the owner will know where their pets are . The gps pet collar paired . Throughout the region have a phone signal , the gps will function , and can be seen on a smartphone . It's just that the owner should not forget to recharge the battery on the GPS , which only lasts a maximum of five days. For this tool , valued 9 million dollars .
That is not less unique and sophisticated for our pets is canine twitterer . This tool can interpret everything that is being done kegiata our pets . Amazingly, the interpretation can directly update the twitter account that you created earlier . The chips that are in the canine will send a message to the computer automatically and instantly update the twitter account of the animal . Unfortunately this tool will be able to function for a radius of 3 kilometers only, and is not waterproof . Making it particularly useful pet in the house . But we can always unique animals on social networking updates .

4 . The Dog Cafe , South Korea
Another unique thing is the smell of house cafe in South Korea . The cafe is located in Hongdae , South Korea has a unique concept , which collects various types of dogs with all types and sizes . All dogs were collected only to entertain at cafe visitors . Once inside the cafe which is located near the Hongik University , you are immediately greeted by dozens of dogs funny . Sometimes the dogs were sitting in the seat right next to you , or stand on the table as if asking to be invited to chat .
And if you include people who are too ignorant , these dogs will do anything to attract attention . Running, barking , jumping , rolling and even will they do in order to play with visitors . Interesting thing is , the dogs will feel very familiar to you , and they certainly do not want you to go home. Usually they will show the face of the pleading and standing right near the door .
Although dozens of dogs wandering around in it , but do not worry, they 've been trained to throw dirt in the space provided . Therefore, the cafe looks very clean . To get into the cafe , you must wait at least a few minutes because it is always crowded .

5 . Cats Special City , Florida
It was interesting last cat city . Your animal lover , especially cats , must be happy with what craig grant a cat lover 's home city of Florida , United States . Craig has spent a lot of time , effort , and money for hobbies that seem unique . The man who worked as farmers , building a small town on the cat , named caboodle ranch . He started the project in 2003 . And the cats alone mostly, in pungutnya of the street .
Because of his love of cats , craig initially establish land grant of 10 acres , and become a miniature city disulapnya specifically for cats . After his hobby collecting stray cat that keeps it lakoni , complex area has now expanded to 30 hectares . Now you can watch hundreds of cats of various types . In addition , you can also find small houses , town halls , and even a pond with running water . And to this day where it has become home to more than 500 cats .
What's interesting about this cat town houses are made ​​in a variety of unique shapes , there is a shaped wooden house , building monuments , churches , decorated with colorful paint and decoration of flowers in front of his yard . The other interesting point is that if the current clock time the meal arrived . Hundreds of cats will gather and flock toward grant , which will share equally food to her beloved cats .

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