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5 Legendary Monsters are Derived From Australasia

sepatu kulit wanita online Australasia is a term for a region in Oceania which include Australia , New Zealand and the surrounding islands in the Pacific Ocean . Reportedly region inhabited by Aborigines , the indigenous people who inhabit the continent of Australia , has a very intimidating figure legend . However, there are some legends are based on sepatu kerja wanita terbaru paintings thousands of years old , and a few more in the form of a story told by one generation to another . The following is quoted from unikgaul.com , 5 legendary monsters of Australasia :

1 . Yara - ma - yha - who
Yaramayhawho is a figure of legend from the Australian mainland rather, Aboriginal folklore , said to resemble vampire behavior . He was short , predominantly red and figure resembling stealth . Although his favorite blood sucking but he does not have teeth like a vampire . Yaramayhawho awaits its prey by hiding in the top of leafy trees , and when it passes then he will jump , catch and suck their blood .
Apparently the blood-sucking tool Yaramayhawho be held in the hands and feet that resemble the tentacles of an octopus suction belongs . And after he was sucking most of its prey , he would fall asleep and keep the rest to be enjoyed after he woke up . Even after most of the blood sucking prey , the prey is reportedly still alive will be yaramayhawho .

2 . Hawkesbury River Monster
Legend of the Hawkesbury River monster resembles Nessie - Loch Ness neighborhood inhabitants , Scottish folklore . Hawkesbury River is located in New South Wales , Australia , and is a very deep river . Reportedly there was a kind of creepy monsters along the 24 meter inhabit the river . The legendary monster has many presented by Aboriginal paintings on the walls through thousands of years old , and the Appearances creature resembling plesiosaurs .

3 . bunyip
Bunyip is a spirit monster figure derived from Aboriginal culture . Reportedly he always slept in the rivers , swamps and billabongs ( small lakes ) throughout the day , and prowl at night . He will hunt humans or animals for the evening meal . Some people claim to have seen the figure of Aboriginal bunyip , but their information is different from each other . Some say the figure resembles a snake , a wild man , or even mammals . Based on the information , has been telling Aboriginal bunyip figure since thousands of years ago , and made it a legend dreaded by children from generation to generation .

4 . Demon Cat Gippsland
Demon Cat Gippsland ( Gippsland Phantom Cat ) is a figure that is reportedly seen large cats in the Grampians region since the 1970s . Based on observations of animal experts , the mysterious figure resembling a large cat , and probably the result of a marriage with a local cat . Based on historical records , at the time of World War II, the United States put its troops on mainland Australia , and they said to bring a pair of puma is used as a mascot . Some information was released mentions the possibility of cougars and breed in the wild . Still no official conclusions and factual , but in 2005 a hunter named Kurt Engel managed to shoot a large cat .

5 . Muldjewangk
Muldjewangk a monster figures who inhabit the Murray River and Lake Alexandrina is located in South Australia . Based on the information Aborigines , they tell the legend from generation to generation so that children do not approach the dangerous river region . There is no clear picture menngenai Appearances , but he always made ​​a scapegoat if any catastrophe that occurred in the river or lake in South Australia .

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