Jumat, 20 Desember 2013

You never see the crazy right

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You never see the crazy right . You know he like what signs - gelagatnya . Keep on clay deh people you fell in love . Plasticity right style of people in love, so cheerful , excited and flowery . Well now you deh a comparison of both. Similar. Crazy people fall in love with someone else signs tuh - lah gelagatnya 11-12 . Do not believe ? Here we Jabarin yes . Self - Smile Smile Waking smile . After eating grin . Naek public transportation smile . Again cebok was smile . People fall in love again it said most of endorphins , so cheerful mulu luggage . Continue if more fall - fall , like tau - tau laugh their own right , keinget something about her moorings . But because you know it's the same person , because you knowingly wrote again in love . Well if people crazy , is not clear what the content of his mind , but tau - tau own smile . Own tau - tau laugh . Right? If you look in people who you do not know yourself laughing tau - tau , you definitely thinking that he's going crazy . many story The man who fell in love luggage ngasi want to tell the world about feeling happy again experienced . Rub against little , he would the story of her idol and how cute / good / smart / understanding / great and others. In addition , the important thing was not the same diceritain he would also , for example, like the gebetan ngucapin morning good morning smiley use . Do you think it does not matter, but according to him it was a stepping stone in her love story . While people crazy , which is not a bad-tempered benign yes , if you chat with blurted there will definitely not clear juntrungannya here . Continue what he says is the same , not important and not obvious . A disambungin D to continue skip to M continues tau - tau already till Z. Same obsession Objects Crazy people usually have the same obsession with an object , and the object was sometimes nunjukin reason why he was mad . For example, there are mothers who are mad because his son died . This crazy mother could equally doll obsession in his mind that it was his son . Dolls that cuddled - buckle , talk to, stroked , and talk to others. Anyway continue deh stuff stuck to that same madman . People again fall in love is the same , the same obsession with an object . It was taken everywhere . Seeing that thing waking . Going to bed also toys that thing first . After eating , working again , again to cross the road , again talking to people, objects that do not escape from it . When I'm stunned , even Bengong ngeliatin that thing . Weve hell ? Mobile . People fall in love again ngeliatin HP mulu right , waiting for the idol of the heart or watsap calling or sms or bbm . Circumstances not Care About When I'm in love , her mind only the idol of the heart . Other things in life be number 2 and less dipeduliin . If not nothing at the idol of the heart , can ah - Myspace Myspace diurusinnya wrote . Anyway love affair number one , the others later . If people mad ... Yes just wrote . Do not want a bath , would not use clothes , going ileran everywhere , want to talk and screaming is not clear , so yaa bodo . His name is also the crazy right . All look different Ah fall in love ... All looks beautiful , peaceful and flowery . Life so much brighter and colorful . Why be so , MBDC also do not understand . Ah madman . Holding the bottle , dibilangnya phone . Clay car , engine dibilangnya aliens . Practically left right , left right spelled . Why be so , MBDC also do not understand . How , Bener right, who fell in love with the crazy behavior just the same . You have a theory supporters ? Or theory debater ? Try siniin .

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